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[PF03] PolarFIS Advanced  "Black Kessy edition 2014"

PolarFIS Technology

This device allows you to visualize important engine parameters "hidden" in your car. You only need to connect the device easily inside your vehicle and you will start to monitorize all you desire in real time.
Currently are supported near 140 engine parameters, depending of the model of vehicle. Some important functions of diagnosis and comfort are available too.

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PolarFIS Advanced

[PB01] PolarBT  "BlueTooth / Fix battery drain"

PolarBT Technology

We developed this exclusive interface for compatibilize BlueTooth Handsfree ECUs for white dot cluster cars, the result is a new visible telephone menu in your FIS screen for red dot cluster cars. It works with both versions availables in market (basic or premium BT Handsfree units), and with all the models launched till now on the market.

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PolarFIS Advanced

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